Everything.js runs entirely on node.js and optimised to give you real-time, accurate results.


Containing all the knowledge in the universe, Everything.js is built to know and do literaly anything ever.


Everything.js is written in the javascript you know and love and all the code is available on Github.


Installing Everything.js is easy:

nmp install -g everything

Getting Started

After you've installed Everything, you can start getting familiar with the code.
Everything is open-source and annotated so learning should be a breeze.


To improve preformance, Everything.js is not automatically initialised on boot. To run, simply add this line of javascript:


Everything.js will then run the bootstrap code and download all 250 exobytes of human knowledge from our own CDN. After that it will continue to simulate the entirety of the universe in real time.


Seeing as Everything.js includes everything it also already includes every javascript library known to man.
Including, but not limited to:


EverythingJS can be used to do simple things like doing simple math

// init EverythingJS

// Wait for humanity to discover mathematics
Humanity.on('discover.mathematics', function () {

// Add 2 numbers (eg: 2 and 3) together
var result = Humanity.calculate('add', 2, 3);
console.log(result); // output: "5"


But the real power lies in the exact replication of the universe. Seeing as by default the entirety of human existence is simulated according to the same parameters as our own universe.

// init EverythingJS

// Wait for the year 2006
setTimeout(function () {

var jenny = Humanity.find('Jenny from High-school');
// The following will throw an exception seeing as this didn't happen

}, Everything.yearsToMiliseconds(13820002006)) });


EverythingJS is an open-source library developed in full by Lunar Gravity. We do take contributions from everyone so Fork us on Github!